Wilmington Dam and Mill

Ironman Foundation Grants Received!

The Ironman Foundation Community Fund makes grants to organizations making a positive impact in communities in the Lake Placid region. We have received 3 grants! With the assistance of Steve Peters of Elevate 518, the Wilmington Historical Society received a $500 Community Grant from the Ironman Foundation which works with community leaders to identify projects and initiatives. Our project will see the funds go to the construction of a Wilmington Historical Society building in which to house Wilmington’s rich past and preserve and interpret our unique heritage----on route 86 in Wilmington, right on the Ironman route! The Society also received 2 Ironman Foundation Volunteerism Grants in 2019--- one for $450 for providing a volunteer “team” for the Lake Placid Ironman held on July 28th and one for $400 providing a "team" for the Ironman70.3 on September 8th.These last 2 grants will go toward our programs, conservation and educational work. Many thanks go to the Ironman Foundation for supporting the communities in which Ironman events take place and to Dave Lally of Wilmington for boosting our volunteer numbers for the Volunteerism Grants.
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